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Performing Carpet Cleaning after a Disaster in Parkville, MO

June 12th, 2018 · No Comments

carpet cleaningA natural disaster such as a flood or storm can leave behind different types of debris resulting in carpet stains. These stains can be nearly impossible to remove without the help of the professional carpet cleaners at ServiceMaster DSI in Parkville, MO. When it comes to performing successful carpet cleaning, nothing is more valuable to our technicians than their experience and training. Today, we’re going to look into the complexities of carpet cleaning after a disaster and how our technicians successfully restore your carpets.


Complexities of Carpet Cleaning and the Value of Experience


It’s easier to remove stains or spots when their origins and the type of carpet fibers can be determined. Different stains and carpet types require specific cleaning products and techniques. Using the wrong technique or cleaning solution can actually result in more damage.


That’s why after a disaster, our professional carpet cleaners will perform an examination of your home to determine the best cleaning methods for the affected areas.


Nylon Carpets


For example, nylon is well known for its cleanability, but it also attracts acidic substances and is easily stained when it comes into contact with dyes.


Our experts are able to identify the carpeting type and stains and can determine the appropriate cleaning method to treat them.


Olefin Carpets


On the opposite end we have olefin carpets, which reject acid dyes but attracts oil. This makes debris such as tar or grease particularly damaging to these and polyester carpets.


Knowing these differences, our carpet cleaning technicians are able to achieve the maximum results from their efforts.

The Difference Between Spots and Stains


Many people believe that spots and stains are the same thing, but experts know that’s not actually true.


Spots appear on outside of carpet fibers while stains are on the inside. A less experienced technician may treat the spot but fail to remove the stain.


Our experienced professionals are thoroughly trained to treat both spots and stains to ensure your carpets show no signs of damage.


Synthetic and Organic Stains


Another challenge our residential carpet cleaners face is determining if stains are synthetic or organic.


Our experts are trained in identifying the differences. For example, organic stains are usually brown, can be sticky, and appear dull while synthetic stains are typically shiny. Organic and synthetic stains require different cleaning techniques. Choosing the wrong technique can result in permanent damage.


Choosing the Right Cleaning Method


Required training, certification, and experience help our experts select the right cleaning method based on the type of stain and carpeting. For example:


  • Professionals select a dry solvent spotter for cleaning petroleum-based stains
  • Synthetic stains best respond to reducing agents
  • Oxidizing agents are most effective for organic or natural stains


Of all the tools and products our carpet cleaning technicians use, experience is still the most important tool in their possession. If your carpets have been damaged by a natural disaster, count on the experts at ServiceMaster DSI in Parkville, MO. We understand that disasters don’t strike on your schedule, so we’re available 24/7/365. Just give us a call at (816) 527-9412 for immediate assistance.

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3 Common Myths About Biohazard Cleanup in Olathe, KS Debunked

June 4th, 2018 · No Comments

trauma cleanupIf you experience a traumatic event in your home, it may not just leave behind emotional trauma but also biohazardous materials. Biohazards are dangerous and aren’t something you can clean yourself. For professional biohazard cleanup in Olathe, KS, contact the trained experts at ServiceMaster DSI.


In our line of work, we run into a lot of misconceptions people have about biohazard cleanup. Part of our job is client education so today we’ll be examining some of these common myths and debunking them!


Myth #1: Bleach Is Enough on Its Own


Many people believe that bleach is enough to clean the biohazards in their home and that it works as a potent biocide. But the truth is, there are many downsides of bleach that make it inappropriate for disinfection. Let’s take a look.


  • First, even in a diluted state (when it has a concentration of just about 5,250 ppm) it bleaches out colors from your fabrics and can corrode metal


  • Second, many of the biocides (including bleach) are inactivated or inhibited when they come in contact with blood and other tissues


Myth #2: Biohazard Recovery Is Best Done by OSHA Certified Firms


OSHA is not the government authority that certifies anyone. If a biohazard cleanup firm completes an OSHA course, then it’s only done to remain in compliance with federal regulations governing employee safety.


After completing the course, cleanup firms receive a training document but that doesn’t mean that OSHA is certifying those firms as experts in biohazard recovery.


The OSHA program is a training program outlining the biological risks of bloodborne diseases and provides an insight into what can be done to protect employees from exposure.


However, the OSHA program doesn’t teach technicians the intricacies of cleanup such as the specific methods they need to utilize, anti-microbial chemistry, methods of deodorization, and other details that are required to perform successful decontamination.


Myth #3: If It’s Visibly Clean, It’s Good Enough


Some people think that if there’s no blood and the location is visibly clean then cleanup is complete.


But, on the contrary, successful biohazard cleanup is a 4-step procedure that starts with the process of detection, followed by cleaning, disinfection, and finally confirmation.


Confirmation is especially important since it ensures that both visible contaminants and invisible pathogens have been removed from your home.


Some of the devices we use during the confirmation include the luminometer. This device measures adenosine triphosphate and helps determine whether a surface has been properly disinfected.


Did you believe any of these myths? Appointing a professional firm is essential for successful biohazard cleanup. Only trained experts have the knowledge and equipment necessary to remove dangerous materials from your home, ensuring it’s safe for you and your family again.


The experts at ServiceMaster DSI are experienced in a variety of biohazard cleanup scenarios. You can rely on us for successful and compassionate cleanup in your Olathe, KS home. We’re even available 24/7/365! For immediate assistance, contact us at (816) 527-9412!

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Choosing the Equipment for Trauma Cleanup in Prairie Village, KS

June 4th, 2018 · No Comments

biohazard suit & tent

Trauma cleanup is a difficult task. Between the risks involved and the highly technical nature of trauma cleanup, it’s important to appoint an experienced firm, such as ServiceMaster DSI in Prairie Village, KS.

Not every trauma cleanup scenario is the same and our experienced technicians are trained to identify the nuances of individual scenes and determine the best way to clean the area.

 Experienced technicians are able to select the right cleaning solutions, appropriate disinfectants, most effective cleaning procedures, and wear required personal protective equipment. Let’s go through all the details in the following sections.

Choosing the Most Effective Cleaning Solution

In certain trauma scenarios where bodily fluids are involved, it can be difficult to identify which materials have been contaminated, especially if the materials are dark or patterned.

To ensure all bodily fluids are removed, experts utilize their experience to select the right cleaning solution that will make it easier to locate and clean hidden fluids.

For example, to identify blood, experts use hydrogen peroxide, which foams when it comes into contact with blood, making it easy to identify and clean.

Use of Industrial Grade Disinfectants

Trained trauma scene cleanup professionals ensure the disinfectants they use are strong enough to kill any pathogens that may be present, such as mycobacterium tuberculosis or TB.

TB in particular is very difficult to kill in comparison to other fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Not properly disinfecting a trauma scene can result in a serious outbreak. That’s why our experts only use EPA approved disinfectants.

Odor Removal

Odors can occur in a variety of trauma scenarios, necessitating odor removal. First, experts will remove any items emitting an odor from the scene and treat them to remove odors. Next, they clean the area, including the HVAC system to ensure odors are completely eradicated from your home.

Use of Personal Protective Equipment

The risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens is ever present at trauma scenes. To protect themselves, experts utilize industrial grade personal protective equipment (PPE).

A few of the important PPE trauma cleanup experts wear include:

  • Full-face respirators that contain pathogen filters
  • Biohazard suits
  • Heavy-duty rubber boots
  • Chemical resistant gloves

Our experts’ experience is an invaluable asset in every area of trauma cleanup. You can rely on the experts at ServiceMaster DSI in Prairie Village, KS to thoroughly treat any type of trauma scene and make the space habitable again. We’re available 24/7/365 to help. Just contact us at (816) 527-9412 for immediate assistance.

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How Our Experience is Our Greatest Asset in Performing Fire Damage Remediation in Leawood, KS Homes

May 30th, 2018 · No Comments

fire damage to cupboard

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), there are approximately 370,000 home fires every year, resulting in property damage worth $7 billion. If your Leawood, KS, home is unfortunate enough to suffer from fire damage, you can count on the fire damage remediation professionals at ServiceMaster DSI to return it to its pre-loss condition.

While we have a lot of tools at our disposal that help us perform successful fire damage remediation, no tool is more powerful than our extensive hands-on experience. Today, we’re going to look at how our experience helps us give you the best fire damage remediation results.

Knowledge of the Negative Effects of Ozone

Professionals use ozone generators to eliminate odors and reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs); however, they come with an unfortunate side effect that makes them less popular with experienced fire damage remediation experts.

Since ozone is a strong oxidizer, it treats odors by reacting with different chemical compounds; however, this effect isn’t limited to chemical compounds in the air. It can damage various materials, such as paint and rubber, causing problems if proper care is not taken during its application.

Understanding the of Benefits of Hydroxyl Ions

Experts understand that technologies that use hydroxyl also perform their action by oxidizing materials. But the main difference between them and ozone is that the Hydroxyl-based process is milder in comparison to the ozone-based process.

Moreover, utilizing hydroxyl ion-based technologies such as photocatalytic oxidation doesn’t result in the weathering effect that ozone causes.

Additionally, the lifespan of hydroxyl ions is just a few seconds in comparison to the lifespan of 24 to 48 hours of ozone. As such, hydroxyl ions will never build up inside your home.

The other good thing about hydroxyl radicals is that they speed up the process of the removal of VOCs from your home.

Experienced fire damage remediation technicians understand the benefits of hydroxyl ions and use them more often than ozone.

Trained in Effective Odor Removal

Experts fully understand that the best results can be achieved only when equipment such as hydroxyl generators are used together with source material removal and ventilation.

That’s why our technicians take proper steps to ventilate the area as well as to remove burnt materials before hydroxyl generators are put to use.

While all of this may sound complicated, the experience and training our technicians have make fire damage remediation second nature. They’re able to quickly evaluate a situation and determine the best course of action, which means your home is restored effectively and quickly.

If your Leawood, KS home has suffered any type of fire damage, contact the experts at ServiceMaster DSI at (816) 527-9412 for immediate help.


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How Our Experts in Overland Park, KS Ensure Effective Hoarding Cleanup

May 14th, 2018 · No Comments

hoarding cleanupHoarding is a complex issue caused by mental illness. To effectively clean a hoarding household in Overland Park, KS and properly manage the project, you’ll need the help of the hoarding cleanup professionals at ServiceMaster DSI. Our professionals are highly trained and carry out every aspect of the cleanup project with the compassion it deserves. We regularly work with a hoarder’s support network, including social workers, case managers, or professional organizers.


But how do we do it? Let’s look at some of the advantages our hoarding cleanup professionals bring to your cleanup project.


Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


We understand that there can be hidden dangers in a hoarding household. Anything from animal waste and pests to mold and spoiled food. To protect ourselves during hoarding cleanup, we use high-grade personal protective equipment (PPE). This allows us to perform the necessary cleanup without having to worry about exposure to hazardous elements.


Balancing Compassion and Effectiveness


Hoarding disorder is a type of anxiety disorder and hoarding cleanup can cause a significant spike in that anxiety. That’s why it’s important to perform cleanup in a way that it doesn’t hurt the sentiments of the hoarder, but is still effective. Our experienced cleanup professionals understand this and are able to develop a cleanup plan that balances compassion and effectiveness.


For example, we may begin cleanup work in smaller locations in the house like bathrooms and linen closets before moving onto larger sections.


This helps the hoarder become accustomed to the process and build their confidence, before removing larger items that would otherwise be a shock.


Proper Disposal


Hoarding cleanup is more than just throwing things in the dumpster. Oftentimes, we find items in the home that aren’t safe to just throw away. To prevent these items from causing harm to others, we are trained on the identification and proper disposal of different hazardous materials.


Conscientious of the Hoarder’s Feelings


As we mentioned before, hoarding cleanup can cause a spike in a hoarder’s anxiety. We understand that the hoarder’s comfort is important and that they need to be in control of the cleanup. To help the hoarder feel comfortable, we build a relationship and trust. We help them develop an action plan, so we are all acting as a team. This ensures the hoarding cleanup is carried out properly.


If anyone in your family is struggling with hoarding disorder, contact the compassionate professionals at ServiceMaster DSI. For immediate assistance in Overland Park, KS, contact us at (816) 527-9412.



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5 Steps for Effective Trauma Cleanup Kansas City, MO

May 10th, 2018 · No Comments

trauma cleanupTraumatic events leave behind many things, from nightmares and horrible memories to biohazardous materials. While the emotional effects may be long-lasting, the physical elements can be dealt with quickly with professional trauma cleanup from an experienced firm, such as ServiceMaster DSI. We proudly provide compassionate and effective trauma cleanup services to residents and businesses in Kansas City, MO, so you can recover after a tragedy.  
Trauma scene cleanup is a complex task. Not only is it dangerous as technicians are exposed to hazardous chemicals and bodily fluids, but it also requires specialized cleaning techniques to make the area safe again.


This is where our experience comes in; we’re able to determine the correct cleaning and disinfection techniques to return the area to its pre-loss condition while safely disposing of any waste to prevent contamination.


But how do we do it? Let’s take a look at the 5 steps we take to perform effective trauma cleanup.


1: Prevent the Spread of Contaminants


Trauma scenes will often have a variety of contaminants ranging from bodily fluids to hazardous chemicals. It’s essential for trauma cleanup professionals to prevent these contaminants from spreading to other areas of your home or business. When our technicians arrive, we secure the area to confine any hazardous materials to that area and prevent them from spreading.


2: Choose Appropriate Cleaning Solutions


Different biohazardous materials require different cleaning solutions to be effectively cleaned. Our trauma cleaning professionals are equipped with a variety of industrial strength cleaning and disinfection solutions, so regardless of the type of trauma scene, we’re able to thoroughly clean it.


3: Prevent Infections

Did You Know? Bloodborne Pathogens Remain Infectious for Weeks


Bodily fluids such as blood are common at trauma scenes. Unfortunately, this poses the risk of infection from bloodborne pathogens.


To prevent infections or exposure, we utilize the necessary protective gear, including biohazard gloves, respirators, and bodysuits, to ensure there is no risk of exposure while we are performing cleanup.


4: Properly Clean Up Debris


In addition to cleaning hazardous waste, our cleanup professionals also remove any other debris present such as rubble or broken glass. This helps us to expedite the process, so you can return to the area sooner.


5: Disposal of Biohazardous Waste


Did You Know? OSHA’s Standards Need to be Followed for Disposal of Biohazards


Biohazardous waste can’t be disposed of the same way regular waste can. Depending on the type of biohazardous materials, there are regulated guidelines that our technicians follow to ensure the waste doesn’t contaminate people, land, or groundwater.


Partnering with an experienced firm is essential, not just to limit your stress, but to ensure the area is properly disinfected and returned to a usable condition. The trauma cleanup technicians at ServiceMaster DSI undergo rigorous training and ongoing education to ensure each job is performed properly and effectively. We’re here to help you during this difficult time, providing compassionate trauma cleanup in Kansas City, MO. For immediate assistance, contact us at (816) 527-9412.



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How the Type of Water Affects Water Damage Restoration Work Parkville, MO

May 10th, 2018 · No Comments

water damage restorationWater damage can occur in your home for a variety of reasons. It could be from water used to douse a fire, a leaking appliance, burst pipes, overflowing toilet, flooding, and more. If you’ve experienced water damage to your Parkville, MO home, contact the water damage restoration specialists at ServiceMaster DSI. We have the training and tools to restore your home and belongings to their pre-loss condition after experiencing water damage.


Today we’ll look at the different types of water and how they affect your home. We’ll also examine how our professional technicians restore your home after water damage.


Did you know there are different types of water that cause different levels of damage? Our experts categorize water into three types which all require different water damage cleanup techniques.


Let’s look at the three categories of water.


Clean Water

Water coming from a faucet or overflowing bathtub is classified as clean water. This water is defined as sanitary because it doesn’t carry any contaminants, meaning there’s no health risks associated with the water damage. This is the easiest type of water damage for our technicians to treat.


Gray Water

Gray water is waste water that comes from malfunctioning appliances and sink drains. It doesn’t include wastewater that has come into contact with fecal matter. Since gray water can carry pathogens, it can cause health problems in those who come into contact with it. Gray water also promotes mold growth on surfaces it comes into contact with. Our technicians take special precautions when treating this type of water damage.


Black Water

Black water is the most dangerous type. It includes water contaminated with sewage, animal waste, fertilizers, and biohazardous materials. Contact with black water can cause serious health issues as it can carry bacteria, toxins, and diseases with it. Flood waters are often considered black water. Our technicians take extra care when treating black water damage. Oftentimes, materials that come into contact with black water cannot be salvaged.


How do our technicians treat your home after it has experienced water damage?


Steps to Successful Water Damage Restoration


When we arrive at your home, our water damage repair professionals take numerous measures to ensure your home is restored as quickly as possible. These measures include:


  • Perform water extraction to limit the severity of the damage
  • Cleanup of things contaminated by black or gray water
  • Dehumidification so mold growth doesn’t occur
  • Use of sensors to detect moisture that may be trapped within floors and walls


If your Parkville, MO home has experienced water damage, trust the professionals at ServiceMaster DSI to keep you and your family safe and restore your home to its pre-loss condition. We’re available 24/7/365 so we can begin water damage restoration quickly. For immediate assistance please contact us at (816) 527-9412.

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5 Steps for Successful Fire Damage Remediation in Prairie Village, KS

May 1st, 2018 · No Comments

fire damage remediation


Fire in your Prairie Village, KS, home can be a traumatic experience, requiring time to emotionally recover from. However, after the fire is extinguished, fire damage remediation needs to begin as soon as possible. The professionals at ServiceMaster DSI know that the longer fire damage is left untreated, the more likely it is to become permanent.

Taking urgent steps will help to minimize the damage caused by soot residues and smoke odors.

Today, we’ll look at the steps the professionals at ServiceMaster DSI take to ensure successful fire damage remediation in your home.

Step 1: Call the Fire Damage Remediation Experts

Fire damage remediation begins as soon as you call a remediation firm. Because we understand that disaster doesn’t follow a schedule, we’re available 24/7/365.

During the call you will have to provide some details, so our restoration team has a clear idea of the type of fire damage you have experienced, including:

  • Information about the extent of the damage. Was the entire house engulfed by fire or only one room?
  • Materials (such as natural, protein, or synthetic substances) that were in the house during the fire. These details will help our restoration team determine the type of cleaning your home needs.

Step 2: Home Inspection

Once we arrive at your home, we’ll perform an inspection and develop a timeline for the restoration work that needs to be performed. We look at things like the extent of the damage, materials burned, and what type of fire occurred. All of this will influence how we proceed and what types of techniques and equipment we use.

Step 3: Content Pack Out and Storage

We’ll begin going through the belongings affected by the fire and perform pack out on items that can be restored. They will be taken to a secure, off-site location where we’ll restore them to their pre-loss condition. Everything is meticulously recorded and tracked to ensure nothing is lost or damaged.

Step 4: Fire Damage Remediation

Now, we’ll get started with performing the necessary fire damage remediation tasks. Throughout the work, we’ll keep detailed documentation of what we’re doing for you and your insurance company. Some of the tasks we may perform include:

  • Smoke damage and odor removal
  • Soot damage removal
  • Reconstruction
  • Board up services
  • Restoration of affected belongings
  • Water damage cleanup (if water was used to extinguish the fire)

Step 5: Final Walk-through

After the work is completed, a final walk-through will be completed by your insurance adjuster to ensure that all the tasks have been completed as documented.

Taking immediate steps towards fire damage remediation is necessary after a fire to prevent permanent damage. The professionals at ServiceMaster DSI will ensure that your Prairie Village, KS, home is thoroughly restored after a fire so you can get back to business as usual. For immediate assistance, contact us at (816) 527-9412.


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Property Owners: Prepare for Severe Weather and Property Damage This Week in Kansas City

April 30th, 2018 · No Comments


Spring has finally sprung and this week, it appears that storm season will begin too. Starting Tuesday and lasting into the rest of the week, scattered thunderstorms are predicted in the Kansas City Metropolitan area with a potential threat of tornadoes, flash flooding, damaging winds, large hail, downed trees/power lines, and possible major damage to homes and businesses.
Before this severe weather arrives, ServiceMaster DSI urges property owners to take a minute to protect your property from storm damage that could be caused by these storms with the tips below.

Call Insurance Agent: Make sure your property has the right coverage for flood and tornado damage if a loss occurs at your property.
• Know Where your Water and Electrical Shut Offs are: Turning these off could cause less damage and prevent you from electrocution.
• Test Your Sump Pump (if applicable): Making sure your sump pump works before the rains start could be the difference of having a water loss or no water loss at your property.
• Clear Loose Tree Branches or Trees Hanging over Property: With high winds, branches can fall on your property causing major damage. If this happens, rain and water could also enter into your property causing a major property loss. Clearing all loose and overhanging trees around your property to prevent experiencing a water loss.
• Clean Gutters and Downspouts: During the storm, water has to go somewhere. If your gutters and downspouts are clogged, water may go into your home or business. Clean all gutters and downspouts to prevent water damage in your home from these storms.
• Create a Tornado Plan: Make sure you have a saferoom and meeting place picked out.
• Monitor Storm Closely: Download a local weather or tornado app. If tornadoes start to form during this storm, be sure to put your tornado plan into place.
• Create a Tornado Safety Kit: If a tornado occurs, electricity could be out for numerous days. Having a safety kit at your property could help keep your property from further damage. Kit should include: battery operated flashlight, first aid kits, tools to turn off water supplies and remove debris, water, battery operated radio, etc.

Sometimes even when you take all of the preventative steps, your property can still be damaged by storms. If this happens and you are in need of water mitigation, call ServiceMaster DSI. ServiceMaster DSI has the manpower and the required resources to quickly and efficiently restore your damaged building from water damage. ServiceMaster DSI in Kansas City is available 24/7/365. Contact us today at 816-527-9412 or click here to request service right away.

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4 Common Mistakes Made by Inexperienced Disaster Restoration Firms in Leawood, KS

April 18th, 2018 · No Comments

disaster restorationIf your Leawood, KS home has been damaged by a disaster such as a flood, storm, or fire, you’ll need to find a local disaster restoration firm to return your home to its pre-loss condition. However, not all disaster restoration firms are created equal and choosing an inexperienced firm can lead to costly mistakes.


Today we’ll examine common costly mistakes made by inexperienced firms and how the professionals at ServiceMaster DSI avoid them.



#1: Clean Items That They Should Not

While the pros at ServiceMaster DSI save as much as they can after a disaster, there are some things that can’t be cleaned. However, inexperienced firms won’t be able to identify what is salvageable and what is not. For example, if particle board furniture has soaked up dirty water, it can’t be salvaged. Inexperienced firms will still try to (unsuccessfully) clean these items.


On the other hand, our professionals understand that any attempt to restore such furniture will be a futile endeavor since particle board furniture can’t be recovered after it soaks up water.


Our trained technicians will explain this to your adjuster, as it would be a waste of time and money to try and recover unsalvageable items. Instead, we’ll focus our time and energy on restoring salvageable items in your home, resulting in quicker and more effective restoration.


#2: Use Incorrect Cleaning Techniques

Restoration work is only successful when the right techniques are used. For example, in the case of a fire, the materials that burned will affect the type of damage your home experiences. Different types of damage require different cleaning solutions and techniques. Using the incorrect method can result in more severe or permanent damage. Our technicians are trained in identifying different types of damage and properly treating them.


#3: Improperly Clean Antiques

Having your antiques damaged in a fire is heartbreaking, but they can be saved if cleaned properly. Unfortunately, inexperienced firms don’t understand how to clean antiques. For example, if you have antique silver coins that have suffered from smoke damage, inexperienced technicians may try to clean them with silver polish and paper towels.


Unfortunately, this type of cleaning process can damage your coins. Paper towels, being made of wood pulp, will leave tiny scratches all over the coin, causing them to lose value.


#4: Use the Wrong Equipment:

Lack of experience also shows up when untrained professionals use the wrong equipment for cleaning.


For example, an inexperienced technician may try to use an ultrasonic machine to clean matched pearls. Unfortunately, an ultrasonic machine will remove the nacre, or shiny outer layer, from pearls, causing them to lose value.


When inexperienced firms try to tackle the complex task of disaster restoration, a lot can go wrong. In all our years of operation, ServiceMaster DSI has seen it all, and we’re prepared to tackle any disaster restoration scenario. Our technicians are put through rigorous training to gain the technical expertise necessary to perform successful disaster restoration in your Leawood, KS home. For immediate assistance, contact us at (816) 527-9412.



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