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The Value of Experience When Determining What to Discard or Restore During Water Damage Restoration in Overland Park, KS

September 18th, 2017 · No Comments


Heavy rains and the associated flooding can do a lot of damage to your home and belongings. Also, the contaminated water will make your home uninhabitable. If your home suffers flood damage, you’ll need to take immediate action and appoint a credible water damage restoration firm, like ServiceMaster DSI, in Overland Park, KS, to start working on your home because further delay will only lead to other problems such as mold growth.


In this blog, we’ll look at how water damage mitigation experts determine what should be discarded and what can be salvaged when restoration work starts.


Deciding What to Discard or Restore

In instances of water damage, experts rely on their experience when deciding whether it would be better to discard in item or to put forth the effort to restore it.


Let us look at some crucial decisions they have to make when they find that there are water soaked carpets in a home.

  • Cost of Restoration: Water damage restoration experts will try to analyze how expensive the carpets are. In cases where the carpet isn’t very expensive, it would be better to discard it since the expense of drying the carpet will be nearly the same as what you will have to spend on purchasing a new one.
  • Type of Water Source: Water damage cleanup professionals will also look into the type of water that flooded your home: Category 1, 2, or 3 water. If the water was way too contaminated then experts will usually discard the carpet instead of attempting a restoration.
  • Duration of Flooding: Experts will also look into how long the carpet has been wet. If it has been wet way too long, it will be better to discard the carpet.
  • Carpet Pad Density and Delamination: Experts will also check to see how dense the carpet’s pad is and whether water damage has delaminated it.

If this is the case, water damage restoration experts would suggest a replacement rather than investing more time and effort into restoring it.

  • Age of Carpet: If the carpet is newer, restoration experts will have a better chance of restoring it.

It’s clear that the experience water damage restoration experts have proves to be quite valuable. They’re able to accurately judge whether it would be possible to restore a particular thing or not, and as a result, will help minimize the losses you have to face.


If you’re looking for an experienced water damage mitigation firm to carry out restoration work at your home then ServiceMaster DSI is here for you. Our experts are well-versed in performing restoration work and also have access to the proper equipment to carry out the work as efficiently as possible. All you will have to do is contact us at (816) 527-9412 and we’ll send a team of certified professionals to start restoration work at your home in Overland Park, KS.

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An Insight into Top Reasons to Hire Experts for Fire Damage Restoration and Odor Removal in Kansas City, MO

September 11th, 2017 · No Comments

Your home burning in front of your eyes is traumatizing and results in considerable loss. After a fire, you will have a lot on your plate, from filing an insurance claim to arranging temporary accommodation in Kansas City, MO, for your family. Then there’s appointing someone for fire damage restoration. You’ll want to hire an experienced firm, such as ServiceMaster DSI, to ensure that everything is restored to its pre-loss condition and there are no odors to remind you of the tragedy.

Today we’ll look at how experts utilize their experience to carry out odor removal using ozone treatment.

 Why ozone?

Fire damage restoration experts generally make use of ozone to get rid of odors since it effectively alters the structure of odor molecules. This results in complete removal of odors from your home.

Additionally, ozone quickly degrades (in just about thirty minutes), leaving no residue for fire damage remediation professionals to worry about.

Top 2 Reasons You Need to Hire Experts

 1: Access to Different Types of Ozone Generators

Benefit of hiring a professional fire damage mitigation firm is that they have access to specialized equipment to effectively complete odor removal.

Our experts make use of different types of ozone generators to get rid of bad odors after your home suffers fire damage. A few types include:

  • Ultraviolet Generators: These are weaker ozone generators that are used in cases of minor fire damage.
  • Corona Discharge Generators: Providing stronger output, these generators are used when it is necessary to carry out odor mitigation work rather quickly.

2: Trained in Proper Techniques

Another advantage of hiring trained professionals, is that they are fully trained in the proper techniques for using ozone treatment in odor removal. These techniques include:

  • Experts ensure that the affected area is completely evacuated to ensure the safety of people and pets during the procedure.
  • In severe odor cases, higher levels of ozone will need to be generated. Fire damage restoration professionals make sure that plants present inside the house are removed and aquariums are properly covered before treatment is carried out, as they can be damaged.

Hire an experienced fire damage restoration firm to carry out restoration, cleanup, and odor removal work makes all the difference. Only by hiring experts you can be sure that the work will be effective and safe.

You can rely on ServiceMaster DSI for performing odor removal as our technicians have experience in carrying such task with required deftness.

Just give us a call on our customer support helpline number – (816) 527-9412 and our team will reach your home in Kansas City, MO, and get to work.

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Challenges Professionals in Parkville, MO Have to Face During Hoarding Cleanup

August 30th, 2017 · No Comments

Hoarding Cleanup ServiceMaster DSI

Hoarding cleanup is quite different from other types of cleaning such as water damage or fire damage cleanup because technicians have to look into different aspects to in order to carry out hoarding cleanup in the right manner. This is why it’s necessary to appoint experienced professionals, like ServiceMaster DSI, in Parkville, MO, for this task because they have the required technical knowledge and can perform this task compassionately.

Let us look at the challenges professionals may face during hoarding cleanup.

Forced Cleaning Can Result in Trauma for the Hoarder

A Plan of Action for Performing Cleanup

Technicians try to find answers to the following questions so that a plan of action can be created to properly manage the task of cleaning up a hoarder’s house. These questions include:

  • Does the house lack proper accessibility because of clutter?
  • Are there items that have very little value?
  • Is there a lot of recyclables or waste present in the house?
  • Do carpets, walls, furniture, bathrooms, and floors look dirty?
  • Is the kitchen clean and safe enough to prepare food?
  • Are odors emitting from different rooms in the house?
  • Does the house have a vermin infestation?
  • Are sleeping areas unhygienic?
  • Are utilities not working properly?
  • Does the condition of the house pose a significant fire risk?
  • Is the house structurally unsound?

Selection of Techniques According to the Situation

Hoarding cleanup professionals have to face a variety of issues while carrying out a clean up. They must utilize their expertise to select the right method according to the unique situation.

Infestation of Insects and Animals

Experts have the knowledge and experience to select the right cleaning method for infestations. For example, if an infestation of insects and animals is found during a hoarder house cleanup technicians will use only non-toxic cleaners. Non-toxic are used because cleaners such as ammonia and bleach can result in the release of toxic gases if they come in contact with insect or vermin feces.

Animal Hoarding

Animal hoarding is a very complex situation that requires professionals to consider a variety of factors before they begin cleaning. Including:

  • Improving Air Quality: Due to presence of animals, there will be poor air quality within the house due to high levels of carbon dioxide, ammonia, methane, particulate matter, and allergens
  • Mold Removal: There will be moisture present within the house because of a large number of animals present. Such high moisture conditions will facilitate mold growth within the house

From the details above it’s quite clear that hoarding cleanup is a complex task that requires the expertise of hoarding professionals.

Technicians at ServiceMaster DSI have the required training, certification, experience, and equipment to carry out this task in properly.

All you have to do is give us a call at (816) 527-9412 and our experts will come out to your home in Parkville, MO, right away to develop a plan to carry out cleanup without causing distress to the hoarder.

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Is Detergent Residue Soiling Your Carpets? How Experts in Prairie Village, KS, Remove Detergent During Carpet Cleaning

August 22nd, 2017 · No Comments

There are a lot of contributors to soiled carpets such as pets, high foot traffic, and spills. But one you probably didn’t think of is detergent residue. The experienced carpet cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster DSI are familiar with detergent residue and will perform a test in your Prairie Village, KS, home to detect if excessive detergent residues are present in your carpet.

Why it’s important to remove detergent residue:

The detection and removal of detergent residues from carpet is necessary because the presence of residues can:

  • Result in accelerated soiling
  • Result in the accumulation of more soil
  • Result in damage to your carpeting

Challenges experts face when removing detergent residue:

Professional carpet cleaners understand that the methods they use are dependent on the type of detergent residue present in the carpet.

To determine the detergent type, our experts examine the residue and then plan which carpet cleaning method they will use. There are two types of residue which residential carpet care experts are likely to encounter:

  • Wax-Like Substance: Often, a soft or hard wax-like substance forms when detergent dries. If it remains soft, it will result in a greater amount of soiling, which will be difficult to get rid of.
  • Harder Residues: If the detergent dries to form a harder residue, it will chip off and experts will be able to easily remove the residues by using a vacuum.

Proper Removal of Detergent Residues

Our carpet cleaning experts understand that in order to get rid of detergent residues they’ll have to use water heated to optimum temperature (water that is heated to a temperature of approximately 175°F) to achieve desired results.

They’re also fully aware that using hot water should be accompanied by adequate mechanical action followed by the immediate extraction of water.

Moreover, experts repeat the same process over and over again until the detergent residue is completely removed.

As we can see, cleaning detergent residues from carpets is a rather complex task and cannot be performed without the proper knowledge of all the relevant details.

Carpet cleaning experts at ServiceMaster DSI have the necessary training, experience, and cleaning equipment to carry out this task in the most professional manner. Just contact us at (816) 527-9412 and we’ll dispatch a team of professional carpet cleaners to your Prairie Village, KS, home to examine and clean your carpets.

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An Insight Into Carpet Cleaning and the Necessity of Hiring Experts in Leawood, KS for the Task

August 14th, 2017 · No Comments

Carpets need to be cleaned on a regular basis, and more importantly, you need to hire an experienced carpet cleaning firm, like ServiceMaster DSI, in Leawood, KS, for this task. But why hire a firm? What is the benefit of hiring experts for this task? These are the questions we will try to answer in the next few sections, and we’ll examine the value of experience in any carpet care task.

The Necessity of Hiring Experts for Carpet Cleaning

Responsibility #1: Maintaining Appearance

Carpet cleaning experts are aware that a high degree of mechanical action won’t be appropriate for low-density tufts or piles with less fiber or a soft twist.

Professional carpet cleaners understand that if a high degree of mechanical action is performed then it can result in distortion as well as fuzzing of the carpets. In these situations, experts put less emphasis on soil removal so the texture of your carpets can be maintained.

Responsibility #2: Preventing Damage

Residential carpet cleaning experts also take every possible step to prevent damage to your carpet while it’s being cleaned. A few of the precautions they take in this regard include:

  • Experts ensure that dyes are properly tested before they’re applied
  • Carpet care technicians also ensure that required steps are taken to prevent over wetting
  • Residential carpet cleaning professionals also avoid mechanical actions that can result in changes in texture or cause pile distortion

Responsibility #3: Stopping Carpet Browning

Carpet browning is a serious problem, and by hiring experts for carpet cleaning you won’t have to face this issue.

Experienced and professional carpet cleaners understand that cellulosic carpets may brown due to the use of absorbent dry cleaning compounds which are used to remove oily materials from your carpet.

If experts find that carpets are cellulosic then they’ll avoid using such compounds for cleaning the carpets.

Responsibility #4: Ensuring Effective Cleaning

Experienced carpet care experts know that using a large amount of detergent won’t produce better results. On the contrary, using excessive detergent is counter-productive and is less effective.

The reason for this is that after reaching a certain limit, any excess detergent will be a waste and the proper solution won’t develop, resulting in less effective cleaning.

As a result of their experience, experts know how to select right amount of detergent that will result in effective cleaning.

Based on the details above, it’s quite clear that if you want the best carpet cleaning service then it’s important to hire experts with experience in performing such tasks.

ServiceMaster DSI is a company in Leawood, KS, that you can rely on. A combination of our vast experience and advanced equipment ensures that we’ll clean your carpets properly.

If you’re contemplating cleaning your carpet, give us a call at (816) 527-9412 and our experts will reach your home, analyze the situation, and start work immediately.

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What are the Main Advantages of Utilizing Services of Experienced Professionals for Mold Remediation in Olathe, KS?

August 9th, 2017 · No Comments

Facing a mold problem in your home in Olathe, KS? If so, then it’ll be necessary to hire mold remediation experts, such as ServiceMaster DSI, to start the cleanup process as early as possible. The more time it takes to solve the issue, the more problems you’ll have to face. In this context, we’ll look at some reasons why you need to hire experts for this job.

Why hire a professional team for mold cleanup?

Challenges in Removal of Mold from Rugs

Experienced mold remediation experts know that the longer mold stays in the fabric, the more it will penetrate deeper into the fiber making it harder to get rid of the problem.

To solve this problem, professionals will perform a thorough cleaning followed by a complete rinsing to ensure complete removal of mold from rugs.

An experienced mold removal expert understands that using proper temperature during the drying process will completely eliminate mold from your rugs.

Technicians know that mold can’t sustain itself when the temperature is more than 115OF, so they maintain this temperature during the drying process to achieve the best possible result.

Managing Stubborn Cases

Often, mold cleanup technicians have to manage stubborn cases where mold starts growing in the fiber and becomes interlaced between yarns.

In such cases, professionals thoroughly clean the rugs, properly dry them, and then paint the area where the mold problem was found using hydrogen peroxide (a ½% solution).

In cases where it’ll be harder to get rid of the stain, experts will apply a much stronger solution consisting of hypochlorite bleach (a 1% solution) to completely remove the problem.

Difficulties in Removal of Stains

Since mold problems can result in discoloration or stains, experts pay close attention to this and will do everything possible to fix these problems.

Normally, mold remediation professionals will wet clean the stained area to see whether dyes are present in the rug to see if procedures such as stripping or/and bleaching can be done. If dyes are present, the required procedures will be carried out to effectively remove the stains.

Re-dyeing the affected area is another option experts may utilize. However, experienced technicians know that many times mold-affected areas will become weaker than other sections and can’t bear this type of procedure.

If this problem is found, the experts won’t attempt to re-dye the mold-affected areas of your rugs.

As we can see, it’s nearly impossible to carry out mold remediation without adequate knowledge and experience.

The good thing about ServiceMaster DSI is that our technicians have the required certification, equipment, and vast experience in carrying out mold cleanup from homes in Olathe, KS, irrespective of the severity of the problem. If you want us to eradicate mold problems from your home then all you have to do is give us a call at (816) 527-9412.

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How Experience Matters When Performing Fire Damage Restoration Tasks in Overland Park, KS

August 4th, 2017 · No Comments

Fire can easily engulf most of the things it comes in contact with. As a result, it’ll be quite important for you to appoint an experienced fire damage restoration firm, such as ServiceMaster DSI, to take up the responsibility of restoring your home in Overland Park, KS to ensure that there are no lingering odors to remind you of the catastrophe your home went through.

We’ll go through the reasons why it’s important to hire experienced technicians for this rather challenging task.

Top Reason Why You Need to Hire Experts for Fire Damage Repair

Knowledge of Proper Cleanup Procedures

During cleanup, technicians will examine whether things like curtains and clothes have acidic soot over them. If this is the case, they’ll use alkaline cleaners since they know that these cleaners are able to properly neutralize the acid present in the soot.

Proficiency in Removing the Sources of Odor

Experts understand that by removing the things that can’t be recovered, they’ll be able to remove significant amounts of odor from your house.

So, the first step they take in their fire damage restoration process will consist of recognizing what can be restored or what needs to be discarded so the smoke odor can be minimized as much as possible.

Expertise in Odor Removal

Since smoke odors are a combination of different odor-generating compounds, fire damage mitigation experts select the right counteractant by analyzing the details of things that burned at your home.

A few of the counteractants used by experts to achieve desired results involve suppression spraying and thermal fogging.

Ability to Make Decision About Discarding or Restoring Items

Experienced fire damage cleanup professionals are able to easily make decisions about the things that must be discarded or restored after fire damage. Let us look at few of the crucial decisions they make after a fire.

  • Drywall: Fire damage restoration experts will check to see if smoke residue seeped behind drywall. If so, the experts will have no other option but to remove the drywall
  • Carpets: In cases where carpets have been affected by light smoke damage (i.e., if the fire occurred on the second floor while the carpets were on first floor), then it’s possible to clean them.

From the above details, it’s quite clear that you should select experts for fire damage restoration. ServiceMaster DSI, in Overland Park, KS has vast experience in these types of tasks. Our experts can ensure that your home will be fully restored after a fire.

Contact us at (816) 527-9412 for all of your fire damage restoration needs.

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Top Reasons Why You Need to Hire Experts for Storm Damage Cleanup in Kansas City, MO

July 31st, 2017 · No Comments

kansas city water damage restoration


A storm will not only damage your home in Kansas City, MO but the associated flooding will result in significant water damage to your home. In such a situation, hiring expert storm damage cleanup professionals (like ServiceMaster DSI) gives you the assurance that the necessary safety measures will be implemented while cleanup is performed.

Additionally, cleanup experts understand how to properly use advanced equipment to ensure your home becomes completely dry after a water damage situation occurs. Below, we’ll go through the details of how professionals accomplish these tasks.

Using the Right Heating System

There are two heating systems options that cleanup professionals use when it comes to drying water in homes. However, these electric heating systems have very high amperage requirements; accessing this amount of power can lead to safety concerns.

Professionals are well aware of these safety concerns and often look for alternative options such as heating systems that use fossil fuels.

There are two options to choose from: direct or indirect heating systems. Experienced storm damage cleanup professionals have becomes skilled in the use of these systems and know how to select the most appropriate option that will not result in any security concerns.

  • Direct Fired Heating Systems: In these systems, the by-products (such as carbon monoxide) generated due to combustion aren’t separated from your home’s air system and may result in health safety concerns
  • Indirect Fired Heating Systems: These systems properly vent by-products of combustion with use of different air streams. One is used for heating of building and the other for burning and generating heat

Experts are fully aware of these differences and typically select indirect fired heating systems in case additional heating is required to expedite the drying process within your home.

Use of Advanced Equipment

Another benefit of hiring experts is that they have access to advanced equipment (like infrared cameras). Such equipment can be used to determine whether the drying process is progressing as expected and also helps in analyzing the presence of latent moisture in inaccessible parts of your home (i.e., behind a wall) after the drying procedure is completed.

Experts also understand that a home can quickly attain temperature equilibrium after water extraction has been carried out. As a result, the infrared camera won’t be able to examine the home’s moisture content, even if the drywall is soaked with water (if the temperature of the drywall is same as its surrounding air).

This is where the experience of a professional becomes so important. They can easily solve this problem by switching on the air conditioner. As soon as the air conditioner is turned on, it’ll have an effect on air temperatures and the infrared camera will catch the temperature differences in the wet sections of your home.

As we can see, there are several benefits of hiring a professional team in Kansas City, MO for storm damage cleanup.

Experts at ServiceMaster DSI have the experience and training required to perform these cleanup tasks properly. We can ensure that everything is restored back to the way it was before the storm. All you have to do is give us a call at (816) 527-9412, and we’ll send our team of experts to your home in Kansas City, MO to examine the situation and start the cleanup work promptly.

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3 Important Steps of Trauma Cleanup in Parkville, MO

July 26th, 2017 · No Comments


If your family has recently gone through a traumatic event, it’ll take a long time to recuperate from its frightening memories. It’ll be necessary to clean up blood and other bodily fluids from your home since they can result in the spread of diseases and infection to people living in the home. Consequently, you’ll have to find a competent trauma cleanup firm, like ServiceMaster DSI, in Parkville, MO that would be able to properly clean and disinfect your home.

We’ll look into details of why it’s important to hire an experienced firm for this task.

Trauma Cleanup Services and the Importance of Experience

Technicians are experienced in selecting the right procedure for performing trauma cleanup properly.

Experts take the following steps to ensure trauma cleaning is carried out according to strict procedural guidelines. These steps are:

Step 1: Set up of the clean up location

Step 2: Use of personal protective equipment (PPE)

Step 3: Proper cleanup

Let us go through the details of the above three steps in following sections:

Steps in Trauma Scene Cleanup

Step 1- Set Up of the Clean Up Location: First of all, professionals use their experience to designate a section of the house that has not been affected by the incidence.

 This part of the house is then used as the main location for storing cleanup supplies and as a place where professional trauma cleanup experts will wear protective equipment before entering the actual location where clean up is to be performed.

Thus, by utilizing their experience experts are able to judge whether a particular location will be suitable for this purpose.

Step 2- Use of PPE: Technicians are well aware that the chances of spreading infections and diseases are quite high at trauma scenes.

Therefore, they wear proper PPE (such as gowns with fluid resistance, face masks, eye shields, and latex gloves) to protect themselves and to ensure that they themselves don’t spread infections to unaffected parts of the home.

Step 3- Proper Clean Up: This step involves the actual cleanup of the trauma scene. To accomplish this task efficiently, the experts select the right cleaning solutions (such as a bleach solution) and give it the required dwell time to effectively perform the required action.

Finally, the technicians clean the area using paper towels, following the appropriate procedure to ensure safety and proper cleanup.

From the above details, it’s quite clear that without experience it’s not possible to perform trauma cleanup in properly.

ServiceMaster DSI is one of the few companies in Parkville, MO that has vast experience in properly performing trauma cleanup tasks. Our experts understand the mental state family members are in after a traumatic event, so we clean in a very compassionate manner. If you want to get in touch with us, give us a call on our emergency support line at (816) 527-9412.

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Why Experience and Expertise is Invaluable for Water Damage Restoration Task in Prairie Village, KS

July 13th, 2017 · No Comments

If your home in Prairie Village, KS has experienced water damage then it’ll be necessary to hire a competent water damage restoration company (like ServiceMaster DSI) to ensure the task will be completed properly. During cleanup, professionals rely on their experience when selecting the appropriate procedures for your home. They also avoid using techniques that can create more problems.

In a water damage situation, the proper drying of your home will be the main priority for restoration professionals. However, drying can be affected by condensation. Moreover, the drying process can also be affected if an HVAC system is used. In the following sections let us look at both of these issues and how experts solve them.

Solving the Condensation Problem

Experts know that in order to ensure your home dries properly, they must prevent secondary damage from occurring due to condensation.

Let us look at few examples that illustrate how experienced water damage restoration professionals prevent condensation from becoming an issue while drying procedures are carried out.

  • Example #1- Wall Cavities and Condensation: Trained technicians understand that condensation occurs within stud cavities and between the different layers of a material if the surface is heated.

To solve this problem experts add airflow during the drying process to prevent the buildup of condensation.

  • Example #2- Hardwood and Condensation: Experts know that hardwood generally has interstitial cavities that would face secondary damage due to condensation.

Condensation usually occurs if the surface temperature goes under the dew point. To this problem technicians balance airflow and humidity control while applying heat.

Using the HVAC System Correctly

Water damage cleanup experts have the necessary training and experience to judge whether or not the use of an HVAC system will be helpful in the drying process.

Let us look at some of the situations that experts make note of while initiating the drying process:

  • Outside Humidity: An HVAC system can transport humidity indoors and slow down the drying process. Because of this, experts will check outdoor humidity levels.
  • Distribution of Humidity: If there are areas of your home that are unaffected by water damage, the professionals will avoid using the HVAC system since it can distribute humidity to these areas.

As you can see, experience is a valuable asset when it comes to proper water damage restoration in homes.

ServiceMaster DSI is a company with technicians who have the required skills and experience to perform water damage cleanup with utmost dexterity.

To get the ball rolling, call our water damage mitigation customer support number at (816) 527-9412. Our team of experts will come to your home in Prairie Village, KS, to examine the situation and share a plan of action to complete restoration work on your home.

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