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Myths Surrounding the Use of Hydroxyl Generators for Smoke Odor Removal From Homes in Overland Park, KS

August 10th, 2018 · No Comments

smoke odor removalIf your Overland Park, KS home suffers fire damage, it’s time to call the experienced technicians at ServiceMaster DSI for fire damage restoration and smoke odor removal. We’ll ensure that there are no smoke odors or lingering signs of fire damage once the work is done.


To do this, we use a variety of equipment and cleaners during cleanup, including hydroxyl generators.


Today we’ll bust some myths surrounding the use of hydroxyl generators for smoke odor removal.


Myth #1 Hydroxyl Generators Need 60% Humidity to Work Effectively


This is a big myth. Hydroxyl generators can work effectively even when humidity is about 5%. While humidity certainly has a role to play in chemical reactions taking place for creating hydroxyl radicals.


But, variations in humidity will usually not have any significant effect on the ability of hydroxyl generator to eliminate odors. Additionally, changes in humidity will also not determine whether a hydroxyl generator properly functions or not.


Myth #2 A Strong Fan is Needed for Blowing Hydroxyl Radicals


In reality, a cascading effect takes place and hydroxyl radicals are continuously created inside the treatment space.


This cascading effect allows the hydroxyl radicals to eliminate odors.


Air movers help to distribute hydroxyl radicals within hard to reach areas of your home.


Myth #3 All Hydroxyl Generators Work the Same Way


There are actually two types of machines and the process they use for creating hydroxyl radicals is quite different.


UV Light: Hydroxyl generators that use UV light help in the generation of hydroxyl radicals, which spreads throughout the treatment location by way of a chain reaction.


This way the radicals are able to remove smoke odors from air and also from structural elements and content.


Photocatalytic Oxidation: In this process, air passing through the hydroxyl machine gets treated and the VOCs present in the air are removed.


In photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) process, hydroxyl radicals don’t leave the machine and as such, this process isn’t able to remove odors absorbed by structures and contents.


Myth #4 Ozone Generators Speed Up Smoke Odor Removal


Actually, hydroxyl generators are faster for smoke odor removal than ozone generators. While ozone generators are effective, restoration technicians cannot continue their work while they are in use. Hydroxyl generators allow our technicians to finish working, making the whole process go much more quickly.


Also, hydroxyl radicals are more reactive than ozone, allowing them to remove volatile organic compounds more effectively.


Hiring experienced professionals will give you confidence that smoke odor removal will be quick and effective! The smoke odor removal professionals at ServiceMaster DSI have the tools, experience, and training needed to restore your Overland Park, KS, home to its pre-loss condition. We’re available 24/7/365, so contact us at (816) 527-9412 for immediate assistance!



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4 Tips to Prevent Needing Fire Damage Restoration at Your Aurora, IL Office Building

August 1st, 2018 · No Comments

metal restoration container with caution tape

If you’re a business owner who owns an office building in Aurora, IL, you have many items to keep an eye on.

One of these items is employee safety. Safety measures are often put on the back burner. Perhaps employees receive safety instructions on their first day, but they either receive them infrequently or never again after the first time.

The fact most businesses don’t cover safety measures isn’t much of a problem…until it becomes one.

Office fires happen regularly and often as a result of situations that could’ve been avoided if there were precautions put in place.

Today, we’re going to share some office safety tips to prevent the need for fire damage restoration.

  1. Monitor the meals – Often, employees will leave the area while their food is cooking. If the appliances are faulty or an item was left unattended, that could cause a fire that results in damage. As a rule, have employees attend to their meals while making them.
  2. Keep an eye on the electronics – In an office setting there can be many electrical cords and outlet strips throughout the building. It’s important to make sure these cords aren’t worn, frayed, or compromised in any way because exposed cords can lead to fires and, subsequently, the need for fire damage restoration.
  3.  Keep appliances in tip-top shape – Did you know that fires can occur due to something as simple as built-up food in an appliance? That’s why it’s important to make sure appliances are not only up to date but clean as well. Something as simple as scheduling a maintenance check and thorough appliance cleaning on a regular basis can prevent a major catastrophe.
  4. Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail – You must have a fire safety plan in place. All employees must know where they can exit, what steps should be taken during a fire, and how to use a fire extinguisher to help contain small fires and prevent the need for major fire damage restoration.

A great working environment has healthy and happy employees. Use these tips to help make your workplace a wonderful environment. If the unexpected does occur and you’re in need of fire damage restoration in Aurora, IL, please contact us immediately at (773) 770-4512.


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The Importance of Experience in Crime Scene Cleanup in Parkville, MO

July 25th, 2018 · No Comments

crime scene cleanupExposure to biohazardous materials is only one of the things that makes crime scene cleanup such a difficult process. That’s why it’s so important to contact the professionals at ServiceMaster DSI for crime scene cleanup in Parkville, MO. But how do our technicians perform effective crime scene cleanup and make your property safe again? Let’s take a look!


Risk Assessment


Right away, we perform an extensive risk assessment to understand:


  • What personal protective equipment (PPE) will be needed to perform cleanup
  • What’s needed for containing any chemical or biological contamination
  • What chemicals and tools are needed for effective contamination cleanup


Using Advanced Equipment


We have access to a whole arsenal of advanced equipment to tackle different crime scene cleanup scenarios. This includes steam vapor machines with advanced modifications such as nano-crystallization for treating hard to reach areas.


These devices are so effective and safe to use that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has categorized them as completely chemical free disinfection equipment.


In addition, our technicians use equipment such as:


  • Negative air machines (HEPA filtered)
  • Foam applicators (for disinfectants and cleaners)
  • Advanced infection control devices


Knowledge of Pathogens


Part of our crime scene cleanup technicians’ training includes education on different pathogens that may be present at different crime scenes. Understanding different pathogens not only helps us to stay safe, but also to select the most effective antimicrobial products that will remove them.



Using Appropriate Disinfectants


Any property can be successfully cleaned when the right disinfectants are paired with the right contamination and materials.


Our crime scene cleanup technicians utilize disinfectants that are registered as tuberculocides with the EPA.


Experts utilize tuberculocidal disinfectants because they’re stronger compared to ordinary disinfectant products. Moreover, they’re versatile and able to clean a variety of surfaces and contaminants.


Additionally, we utilize disinfectants that are capable of killing TB and non-enveloped viruses like parvovirus, rotavirus, norovirus, or poliovirus.


Using Disinfectants That Contain Surfactants


We often select disinfectants that contain a surfactant, which means the disinfectant doubles as a cleaner.


Another benefit of surfactants in a disinfectant is that there are no sticky residues over the surface after it’s cleaned and disinfected.


Disinfectants and the Problem of Unpleasant Scents


Many disinfectants are known for their unpleasant or strong scents. Our crime scene cleanup professionals keep note of this fact and select disinfectants that have a light scent or make use of odor dissipation technology.


When a disinfectant utilizes odor dissipation technology, it has a scent that is designed in such a way that it disappears quickly.


Crime scene cleanup is a complex task and effective results can only be achieved when performed by experienced professionals.


The technicians at ServiceMaster DSI of Parkville, MO are highly trained and experienced in crime scene cleanup, so you can trust that your property will be cleaned, restored, and made usable again quickly. We understand these events don’t happen on your schedule, which is why we’re available 24/7/365 to help. For immediate assistance contact us at (816) 527-9412.



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Expert Water Extraction in Prairie Village, KS

July 19th, 2018 · No Comments

flooded living room

Water damage to your Prairie Village, KS, home will be a serious concern since it will result in damage to your belongings, to structural elements, and also cause mold growth. By hiring a professional firm such as ServiceMaster DSI for water extraction and restoration work you will be able to reduce the amount of damage you will have to incur.

Let’s take a look at what goes into successful water extraction and water damage restoration in your home.

Water Extraction From a Basement With Asbestos

If there is a likelihood of asbestos in the basement then we’ll first check to see if the contaminated materials are over the water line.

If asbestos materials are over the water line and intact, then water extraction can continue.

However, if the contaminated materials have been submerged, we’ll use a 2-stage water filter to collect the asbestos fibers. This keeps both our technicians and your family safe.

Complexities of Controlling Heat

After water extraction is completed, the next challenge our restoration professionals face is drying your home and belongings. We use heat to achieve quick and thorough drying.

However, controlling heat is a critical part of the restoration process, requiring special expertise. Too much heat can cause damage while too little won’t be effective.

One source of excess heat can be the drying equipment itself. Let’s look at an example that illustrates the amount of extra heat that drying equipment could add to a structure.

The formula for calculating this is:

Amps x Volts x 3.4 = BTUs/hr.

Now, let’s see how much heat will be produced if the restoration team is using the following equipment:

  • 13 air movers (four amps each) = 52 amps
  • 3 dehus (ten amps each) = 30 amps
  • 1 air scrubber = 3 amps

Total amps = 85

85 amps x 115 volts x 3.4 = 33235 BTU’s/hr.

In this situation, the water damage restoration company will have to make use of portable air conditioners (a one-ton air conditioner will be able to offset about 12,000 BTU’s of heat every hour) to reduce the excess heat generated by drying equipment.

By knowing the amount of heat their equipment is producing, experienced technicians are able to control the climate inside your home and achieve the best possible results.

Our technicians’ experience and training are essential to their water extraction and restoration work. The professionals at ServiceMaster DSI are ready to tackle any water damage scenario, getting your home back to normal as quickly as possible. For immediate assistance, contact us at (816) 527-9412.

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How Our Storm Damage Cleanup Team Dries Your Overland Park, KS, Home

July 5th, 2018 · No Comments

storm damage cleanupStorms bring heavy rains, flooding, and devastation. If your Overland Park, KS home suffers storm damage, you’ll need to contact the storm damage cleanup experts at ServiceMaster DSI. We’ll act quickly to effectively restore your home to its pre-loss condition.


Storm damage cleanup is a complex task that presents issues such as hidden moisture. If not performed properly, your home can experience secondary damage. Today, we’re going to take a look at how our professional technicians effectively dries your home after a storm.


Detecting Hidden Moisture


Moisture hidden in the floors or walls of your home can easily go undetected. If left too long, it can cause permanent damage or facilitate mold growth. To detect hidden moisture, our technicians use a variety of equipment and techniques, depending on the situation. For example, taking moisture readings in a home where materials like hardwood flooring, plaster, or ceramic tiles are present can be difficult. To combat this, our technicians use a non-invasive meter.


We also check for the presence of insulation or a vapor barrier behind these materials. If we suspect that a vapor barrier or insulation is present, then we use more invasive options to check for moisture.


During their analysis, our technicians keep in mind that:


  • Surface materials can get permanently damaged when penetrating moisture meters are used. As such, technicians use them only when they’re confident that the surface material is wet.


They primarily rely on non-penetrating moisture meters while searching for likely moisture issues.


  • Non-penetrating meters are usually able to read up to 3/4″ into any specific material.


That’s why before using this type of meter, technicians ensure that there is no chance that moisture has seeped to a deeper level than what the non-penetrating meter will be able to detect.


Creating a Dry Goal During Storm Damage Cleanup


Our storm damage cleanup technicians also set up a dry goal at the beginning of the drying process. The dry goal is the target moisture level we want to reach, as per professional drying standards.


This drying standard is formulated by taking a meter reading of unaffected areas within the structure. If unaffected materials are not present, then the experts utilize historical knowledge to decide on a drying standard.


Proper Drying of Gypsum Drywall


Gypsum drywall tends to dry out rather quickly since it has a high permeance factor that lets water vapor easily diffuse.


However, if the wall is covered with ceramic tile, wallpaper, or another similar material, the drying process will be delayed.


In this scenario, we drill inspection holes below the baseboard line so that air can be forced into the cavities to expedite the drying process.


Drying is only part of the whole storm damage cleanup process and that alone is a complex task. That’s why all of our technicians undergo rigorous training and continuing education, so they are ready to tackle any scenario. If your Overland Park, KS home has suffered storm damage, contact the storm damage cleanup experts at ServiceMaster DSI. We’re available 27/7/365 so you can trust that we’ll arrive on site and get to work quickly. For immediate assistance contact us at (816) 527-9412.

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How Our Fire Damage Remediation Professionals Use Ultrasonic Cleaning to Restore Your Olathe, KS, Home

June 27th, 2018 · No Comments

burnt room in house

Fire can result in significant damage to your home and belongings. The fire damage remediation professionals at ServiceMaster DSI are well equipped to tackle any fire damage scenario and are here to help you restore your Olathe, KS, home. One of the cleaning techniques we utilize is ultrasonic cleaning. Today we’re going to look into how our technicians perform ultrasonic cleaning and ensure it’s done properly.

Ultrasonic Cleaning for Removal of Soot and Smoke Odor

Ultrasonic cleaning is an effective technique for restoring your belongings after a fire. However, it’s necessary to take certain precautions to ensure your belongings don’t become damaged during cleanup.

Precaution #1: Keep Items at Room Temperature

When in use, the ultrasonic machine will be more than 110°. At this temperature, delicate materials like crystal and china can easily break or crack, especially if they have already been weakened by the fire’s high temperatures.

To prevent additional damage, our experienced fire damage remediation experts treat items at room temperature and pre-soak them in warm water beforehand.

This ensures your delicate belongings are properly acclimatized and there is no risk of cracking or shattering because of the extreme temperature change.

Precaution #2: Test for Color Loss

Before any item is dipped into the ultrasonic cleaning machine, experts test to see how the item reacts with water and if it will result in color bleeding or loss.

Items are usually submerged in the ultrasonic machine for several minutes and the warm water inside the ultrasonic machine can result in loss of color for some materials.

To avoid this, our experts lightly moisten the items to examine whether there is any reaction before the items are dipped into the ultrasonic machine.

Additionally, reactions taking place within the machine can remove embellishments like silver or gold etching on crystal and similar other intricate patterns.

We set delicate items such as crystals and china at a shallow level within the machine to prevent this.

Oftentimes, the machine’s intensity is also turned down to protect delicate carvings on these items. Experts also submerge these items for just a few minutes at a stretch and then re-submerge if required.

Precaution #3: Check for Prior Damage

Technicians check to see if items have already been damaged due to warping, cracking, or loose edges.

If they have, a different method will be used to prevent damage.

The fire damage remediation experts at ServiceMaster DSI have the training, expertise, and equipment to properly treat your Olathe, KS home and belongings after a fire. We’re available 24/7/365 so we can get started on your project right away and get you back to normal more quickly. For immediate assistance, contact us at (816) 527-9412!

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The Tools Hoarding Cleanup Experts in Kansas City, MO Utilize for Effective Cleanup

June 22nd, 2018 · No Comments

Hoarding Cleanup ServiceMaster DSI

If anyone in your family struggles with a hoarding disorder, you understand that cleaning their home is a monumental task. The experts at ServiceMaster DSI are here to help with compassionate hoarding cleanup services in Kansas City, MO. Because of the complexities of hoarding disorder, hoarding cleanup is a complex task that requires patience, understanding, and experience.

Let’s take a look at some of the tools and techniques that our hoarding cleanup experts utilize for a successful cleanup.

Advanced Cleaning Techniques

In severe hoarding cases, oftentimes we find dirt, insects, animal droppings, or other waste throughout the home. Simply removing items won’t fix this, which is why we utilize advanced cleaning techniques to ensure the home is thoroughly sanitized.

For example, we may use adenosine triphosphate (ATP) testing to determine whether there are infectious materials present. If we discover any, we will treat the affected area and perform another test to ensure all infectious materials have been removed.


Our hoarding cleanup team is made up of highly trained, experienced technicians who have the necessary skills to not only perform the technical aspects of cleanup but also to handle the complexities of working with the hoarder.

This includes having an understanding of hoarding disorder. Our experts will work with the hoarder and their support network (social worker, therapist, etc.) to ensure the hoarder is comfortable with the process and that they remain in control. If the hoarder feels out of control during the cleanup, it heightens their anxiety, bringing the entire project to a halt.

Training in Complex Cleaning Situations

Our technicians are trained in tackling a variety of complex cleaning scenarios. Improper cleaning can lead to continuing issues or even permanent damage to the property. For example, in some hoarding situations, fecal matter or urine buildup can be found on the walls and floors, contaminating the subflooring or drywall. It takes more than a household cleaning solution to remedy this. Our technicians can determine whether or not the area can be cleaned with industrial-grade cleaners or if the contaminated materials need to be replaced.

Training in Handling Biohazardous Materials

Some hoarding homes contain biohazardous materials, which requires specialized cleaning. Biohazardous materials can include bodily fluids, chemicals, deceased animals, fecal matter, and more. This is especially common in animal hoarding scenarios. Our technicians are trained not only to clean biohazardous materials but also to do it safely.

Use Appropriate Cleaning Agents:

Our experienced hoarding cleanup professionals have access to industrial-grade cleaning agents and are trained in how to use them. Improper use of cleaning agents can result in permanent staining or damage to your property. We’re careful to evaluate each area and determine the type of soiling present and which cleaning agent is most appropriate to clean it.

Hoarding cleanup seems like an overwhelming task, but with the help of the compassionate professionals at ServiceMaster DSI of Kansas City, MO, your loved one’s home can be restored. For more information or to schedule your hoarding cleanup project, contact us at (816) 527-9412.

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Performing Carpet Cleaning after a Disaster in Parkville, MO

June 12th, 2018 · No Comments

carpet cleaningA natural disaster such as a flood or storm can leave behind different types of debris resulting in carpet stains. These stains can be nearly impossible to remove without the help of the professional carpet cleaners at ServiceMaster DSI in Parkville, MO. When it comes to performing successful carpet cleaning, nothing is more valuable to our technicians than their experience and training. Today, we’re going to look into the complexities of carpet cleaning after a disaster and how our technicians successfully restore your carpets.


Complexities of Carpet Cleaning and the Value of Experience


It’s easier to remove stains or spots when their origins and the type of carpet fibers can be determined. Different stains and carpet types require specific cleaning products and techniques. Using the wrong technique or cleaning solution can actually result in more damage.


That’s why after a disaster, our professional carpet cleaners will perform an examination of your home to determine the best cleaning methods for the affected areas.


Nylon Carpets


For example, nylon is well known for its cleanability, but it also attracts acidic substances and is easily stained when it comes into contact with dyes.


Our experts are able to identify the carpeting type and stains and can determine the appropriate cleaning method to treat them.


Olefin Carpets


On the opposite end we have olefin carpets, which reject acid dyes but attracts oil. This makes debris such as tar or grease particularly damaging to these and polyester carpets.


Knowing these differences, our carpet cleaning technicians are able to achieve the maximum results from their efforts.

The Difference Between Spots and Stains


Many people believe that spots and stains are the same thing, but experts know that’s not actually true.


Spots appear on outside of carpet fibers while stains are on the inside. A less experienced technician may treat the spot but fail to remove the stain.


Our experienced professionals are thoroughly trained to treat both spots and stains to ensure your carpets show no signs of damage.


Synthetic and Organic Stains


Another challenge our residential carpet cleaners face is determining if stains are synthetic or organic.


Our experts are trained in identifying the differences. For example, organic stains are usually brown, can be sticky, and appear dull while synthetic stains are typically shiny. Organic and synthetic stains require different cleaning techniques. Choosing the wrong technique can result in permanent damage.


Choosing the Right Cleaning Method


Required training, certification, and experience help our experts select the right cleaning method based on the type of stain and carpeting. For example:


  • Professionals select a dry solvent spotter for cleaning petroleum-based stains
  • Synthetic stains best respond to reducing agents
  • Oxidizing agents are most effective for organic or natural stains


Of all the tools and products our carpet cleaning technicians use, experience is still the most important tool in their possession. If your carpets have been damaged by a natural disaster, count on the experts at ServiceMaster DSI in Parkville, MO. We understand that disasters don’t strike on your schedule, so we’re available 24/7/365. Just give us a call at (816) 527-9412 for immediate assistance.

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3 Common Myths About Biohazard Cleanup in Olathe, KS Debunked

June 4th, 2018 · No Comments

trauma cleanupIf you experience a traumatic event in your home, it may not just leave behind emotional trauma but also biohazardous materials. Biohazards are dangerous and aren’t something you can clean yourself. For professional biohazard cleanup in Olathe, KS, contact the trained experts at ServiceMaster DSI.


In our line of work, we run into a lot of misconceptions people have about biohazard cleanup. Part of our job is client education so today we’ll be examining some of these common myths and debunking them!


Myth #1: Bleach Is Enough on Its Own


Many people believe that bleach is enough to clean the biohazards in their home and that it works as a potent biocide. But the truth is, there are many downsides of bleach that make it inappropriate for disinfection. Let’s take a look.


  • First, even in a diluted state (when it has a concentration of just about 5,250 ppm) it bleaches out colors from your fabrics and can corrode metal


  • Second, many of the biocides (including bleach) are inactivated or inhibited when they come in contact with blood and other tissues


Myth #2: Biohazard Recovery Is Best Done by OSHA Certified Firms


OSHA is not the government authority that certifies anyone. If a biohazard cleanup firm completes an OSHA course, then it’s only done to remain in compliance with federal regulations governing employee safety.


After completing the course, cleanup firms receive a training document but that doesn’t mean that OSHA is certifying those firms as experts in biohazard recovery.


The OSHA program is a training program outlining the biological risks of bloodborne diseases and provides an insight into what can be done to protect employees from exposure.


However, the OSHA program doesn’t teach technicians the intricacies of cleanup such as the specific methods they need to utilize, anti-microbial chemistry, methods of deodorization, and other details that are required to perform successful decontamination.


Myth #3: If It’s Visibly Clean, It’s Good Enough


Some people think that if there’s no blood and the location is visibly clean then cleanup is complete.


But, on the contrary, successful biohazard cleanup is a 4-step procedure that starts with the process of detection, followed by cleaning, disinfection, and finally confirmation.


Confirmation is especially important since it ensures that both visible contaminants and invisible pathogens have been removed from your home.


Some of the devices we use during the confirmation include the luminometer. This device measures adenosine triphosphate and helps determine whether a surface has been properly disinfected.


Did you believe any of these myths? Appointing a professional firm is essential for successful biohazard cleanup. Only trained experts have the knowledge and equipment necessary to remove dangerous materials from your home, ensuring it’s safe for you and your family again.


The experts at ServiceMaster DSI are experienced in a variety of biohazard cleanup scenarios. You can rely on us for successful and compassionate cleanup in your Olathe, KS home. We’re even available 24/7/365! For immediate assistance, contact us at (816) 527-9412!

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Choosing the Equipment for Trauma Cleanup in Prairie Village, KS

June 4th, 2018 · No Comments

biohazard suit & tent

Trauma cleanup is a difficult task. Between the risks involved and the highly technical nature of trauma cleanup, it’s important to appoint an experienced firm, such as ServiceMaster DSI in Prairie Village, KS.

Not every trauma cleanup scenario is the same and our experienced technicians are trained to identify the nuances of individual scenes and determine the best way to clean the area.

 Experienced technicians are able to select the right cleaning solutions, appropriate disinfectants, most effective cleaning procedures, and wear required personal protective equipment. Let’s go through all the details in the following sections.

Choosing the Most Effective Cleaning Solution

In certain trauma scenarios where bodily fluids are involved, it can be difficult to identify which materials have been contaminated, especially if the materials are dark or patterned.

To ensure all bodily fluids are removed, experts utilize their experience to select the right cleaning solution that will make it easier to locate and clean hidden fluids.

For example, to identify blood, experts use hydrogen peroxide, which foams when it comes into contact with blood, making it easy to identify and clean.

Use of Industrial Grade Disinfectants

Trained trauma scene cleanup professionals ensure the disinfectants they use are strong enough to kill any pathogens that may be present, such as mycobacterium tuberculosis or TB.

TB in particular is very difficult to kill in comparison to other fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Not properly disinfecting a trauma scene can result in a serious outbreak. That’s why our experts only use EPA approved disinfectants.

Odor Removal

Odors can occur in a variety of trauma scenarios, necessitating odor removal. First, experts will remove any items emitting an odor from the scene and treat them to remove odors. Next, they clean the area, including the HVAC system to ensure odors are completely eradicated from your home.

Use of Personal Protective Equipment

The risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens is ever present at trauma scenes. To protect themselves, experts utilize industrial grade personal protective equipment (PPE).

A few of the important PPE trauma cleanup experts wear include:

  • Full-face respirators that contain pathogen filters
  • Biohazard suits
  • Heavy-duty rubber boots
  • Chemical resistant gloves

Our experts’ experience is an invaluable asset in every area of trauma cleanup. You can rely on the experts at ServiceMaster DSI in Prairie Village, KS to thoroughly treat any type of trauma scene and make the space habitable again. We’re available 24/7/365 to help. Just contact us at (816) 527-9412 for immediate assistance.

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