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Trauma Cleanup – How Experts Remove Bodily Fluids From Your Olathe, KS Home

November 10th, 2017 · No Comments

bodily fluids

A traumatic event can leave your family shocked and overwhelmed. You may not know what to do next. Don’t try to take on everything yourself, and call the experienced trauma cleanup experts at ServiceMaster DSI of Olathe, KS. Our team will treat the situation with due sensitivity and ensure that your home is effectively cleaned.

You may be tempted to perform cleanup yourself but not only would it be unnecessarily stressful, DIY cleanup would be extremely hazardous. After a traumatic event, such as a suicide or homicide, bodily fluids can be released, creating a biohazard for those who come in contact.

Let’s take a look at how our experts ensure safe, effective removal of body fluids from your home.

Cleaning Smooth Surfaces

Step #1: Cleaning Up Bodily Fluids

First, our trauma cleanup technicians wear special protective gear to prevent exposure to biohazardous fluids. This includes body suites, industrial strength gloves, and breathing apparatuses. Next, they cover the contaminated area with paper towels to help soak up and remove excess fluids.

Once excess fluids are removed, our technicians use a cleaning solution to disinfect the surface and clean any remaining fluids. This solution typically consists of diluted bleach.

Once the solution is applied, it needs to dwell, allowing sufficient time to clean the surface. After the solution has been able to dwell, the entire area is wiped down, removing the solution and any fluid residue.

Step #2: Disposal of Waste

When it comes to bodily fluids, proper disposal is essential to prevent contamination. Our technicians dispose of contaminated materials in special leak-proof bags that can be completely sealed. After the waste is gathered, it’s properly disposed of.

Cleaning Carpets and Rugs

Cleaning up contaminated carpets and rugs can be more difficult than smooth surfaces. To ensure fabrics are effectively cleaned, our experts:

  • Wear proper protective gear to prevent contact with hazardous fluids.
  • Cover the affected area with paper towels to soak up excess fluids.
  • Utilize detergent based disinfectants and stream cleaning to thoroughly clean the area

Cleaning a trauma scene isn’t just stressful, it’s dangerous without the proper training, cleaners, and protection. To ensure your home is safely and effectively cleaned, trust the experts at ServiceMaster DSI.

Just give us a call at (816) 527-9412 and our technicians will reach your home in Olathe, KS, and begin cleanup right away so you can begin to recover.

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How Homeowners Can Benefit From Professional Water Damage Mitigation in Kansas City, MO

November 3rd, 2017 · No Comments

Was your Kansas City, MO, home damaged by a flood? Recovering from a flood is overwhelming but the right water damage restoration firm, such as ServiceMaster DSI, can make things easier. Our experienced and highly trained technicians will restore your home quickly, allowing you to return to business as usual.

Not only does hiring professionals alleviate stress, but it also ensures that your home is restored effectively. Let’s take a look at how the experts at ServiceMaster DSI use their expertise to restore your home after a flood.

Restoring or Disposing of Ceramic Flooring

First, our experts will determine whether your flooring is directly set on top of the slabs (cement or concrete). If it is, using a HEPA vacuum on the flooring will be sufficient.

Moreover, our experts will also wash the flooring with a disinfectant solution to achieve maximum hygienic results.

However, the situation will be quite different if there is ceramic flooring laid on top of the subflooring, which is made up of plywood or press wood. In this case, our water damage mitigation experts will check to see if the subflooring has been damaged by water. If it has, the ceramic flooring will have to be removed and discarded.

 Examination of Insulation

Another important decision technicians will have to make will be regarding disposal of insulation.

Experienced water damage cleanup professionals know that insulation removal will largely depend upon the type of insulation present in your home. This is because different types of insulation react differently to water. Let us go through the details of various types of insulation and how each reacts when it comes in contact with floodwater.

  • Foam Board Insulation: Foam board insulation reacts better to contact with water. If foam board insulation is in your home our technicians will hose them off and won’t have to do anything else.
  • Fiber Glass Insulation: If cleanup professionals find that the batts of insulation have become muddy then they will have no option but to discard them.

On the other hand, if the insulation was soaked in clear rainwater, then our technicians will remove them for quicker drying of wall. After they dry, the technicians will put them back.

  • Cellulose Insulation: Technicians know that cellulose insulation retains water for a long time.

Our technicians know that this insulation tends to lose its antifungal and fire-retardant properties when it comes in contact with floodwater. Thus, experts will be disposing contaminated insulation instead of attempting restoration.

As we can see, there are several benefits of hiring experts for water damage mitigation. ServiceMaster DSI is one such company you can rely on for proper cleanup and restoration of your home after a flood.

Contact us at (816) 527-9412 and our technicians will visit your home in Kansas City, MO, and begin cleanup and restoration work right away.

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Halloween Fire Safety Tips to Help You Steer Clear of Needing Fire Damage Restoration in Overland Park KS

October 31st, 2017 · No Comments

halloween fire tips

For many, Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season, the spirit of fall festivities, and the best time of year for treats and tricks. The fun and spookiness, however, comes with a lot of open flames and hazardous decorations. We want you and your family to be safe year-round, but if you do encounter a house fire, remember you can contact us at ServiceMaster DSI for emergency fire damage restoration in Overland Park, KS.

From strings of lights to jack-o-lanterns, Halloween decorations are some of the most fire-friendly of the year. Be safe this Halloween with our NFPA-approved fire safety tips.

Fire-Safe Decorations:

  • Double check your lights for broken fuses and inadequate or exposed wiring. Make sure lights are away from flammable materials like fake leaves, cloth, and vegetation.
  • Ensure all electrical decorations have the correct voltage from output sources, and avoid stacking multiple extensions cords into each other.
  • Try to minimize the use of highly flammable decorations like dry corn, paper, tulle, and cotton.
  • Keep candles to a minimum. These days, battery-operated candles for jack-o-lanterns are readily available.
  • Above all, keep an exit plan ready in case of a fire. Don’t block or crowd exits with decorations, no matter how moveable they may seem.

Costume Safety:

  • Costumes can sometimes get out of hand if trailing fabrics, wooden frames, paper hats, and tails are involved. These kinds of costumes can be highly flammable, especially if they are made from cheap polyester (like most store-bought costumes).
  • Give your children flashlights or glow-sticks instead of candles or lanterns to light the way.
  • Stay away from candlelit paths when trick-or-treating.
  • Try to keep your home from over-filling with costume-clad guests. If you have ghoulish guests that smoke, ask them to smoke outside, and provide appropriate receptacles for the proper disposal of their cigarette butts.

Overall, if you are alert and prepared this holiday season, you won’t have to worry about high risks of a house fire. If you do experience a fire-related disaster, contact us at ServiceMaster DSI for fire damage restoration in Overland Park, KS.

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Top Reasons Why Commercial Establishments in Parkville, MO Should Use the Services of the ServiceMaster Recovery Management Team During Natural Calamities

October 19th, 2017 · No Comments

recovery management

Natural calamities such as storms, floods, earthquakes, and fires can result in damage to your business in Parkville, MO. If your business has been damaged by a disaster, ServiceMaster DSI is here to help. As members of the ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM) team, we have the expertise to restore your business to its pre-loss condition quickly.

How can the SRM team’s services help your business?

The ServiceMaster Recovery Management Network

The SRM network spans across the country with disaster restoration services available for businesses of all sizes. These services are particularly helpful in the event of large-scale disasters, such as Hurricane Harvey.

Moreover, our professionals have access to specialized equipment and cleaning products to effectively perform cleanup and disinfection after any type of disaster.

Our professionals are able to restore your business as quickly as possible after a natural catastrophe. Additionally, the SRM network offers its services to a variety of industries.

SRM Network and the Industries We Serve:

  • Educational Institutions

Members of the SRM network have gone through special training to meet the restoration needs of educational institutions.

Our professionals have access to the required equipment and are specially trained to perform cleaning procedures for laboratories, classrooms, residence halls, administrative offices, hallways, and libraries.

  • Government Facilities

Sensitive information present in government facilities makes restoration work even more challenging. This is why it’s necessary for all cleaning professionals in the SRM network to have attained background checks and security clearances to be authorized to handle vital documents and records as well as to perform restoration work at government facilities.

Another thing that sets the SRM network apart from other disaster restoration organizations is that we’re one of the few in the country which are GSA Schedule approved.

  • Health Care Facilities

Often, health care facilities need to continue their operations even during natural calamities in order to support survivors. Professionals working with the SRM network ensure that cleanliness and sanitation of the laboratories, facility, patient rooms, and operating theaters meet state regulations to help health care facilities recover quickly so they may keep aiding survivors.

In addition, the ServiceMaster Recovery Management network also provides generators, fuel, water, and similar necessities so the facilities can continue operations.

  • Other Industries

In addition to these industries, the SRM network also helps other industries when a natural catastrophe strikes, including:

    • Hospitality industry
    • Manufacturing industry
    • Places of worship
    • Telecommunication industry
    • Apartment complexes
    • Military facilities
    • Retail businesses

Thus, we can see that during natural disasters, SRM network can provide vital services and quickly restore your business in Parkville, MO. ServiceMaster DSI is an integral part of the ServiceMaster Recovery Management network and, as such, can respond to any natural calamity in the shortest time possible. Contact us at (816) 527-9412 so we can come out to your establishment to assess the damage and start restoration work.

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How to Find the Right Mold Cleanup Firm in Prairie Village, KS

October 5th, 2017 · 1 Comment

mold removal firm


Mold growth is to be taken seriously since it can easily damage anything it grows on and can result in bad odors. Its unsightly appearance will also damage your home’s aesthetic appeal. To properly remove the mold in your Prairie Village, KS, home, you’ll need to hire a professional mold cleanup firm, like ServiceMaster DSI.

When looking at professional firms, how do you know which one is right for you? You don’t want to hire an inexpensive, yet inexperienced firm, but you also don’t want to break the bank. Today, we’ll discuss what to look for in a professional mold remediation firm.

How to Choose the Right Mold Cleanup Company

If a mold problem exists in an area that’s equal to or more than a hundred square feet, then it’ll be necessary to hire a professional firm for mold removal.

But, you want to make sure you’re hiring the right company. Here are a few details to check for when looking for mold removal professionals:

  • Use Appropriate Techniques: You want to avoid companies that use fogging or spraying to remove mold. These methods aren’t effective for complete mold removal and won’t prevent the mold from returning.
  • Check References: When looking at a company, ask them for references from past customers. This way you’ll be able to find out whether the firms carry out their tasks in a professional manner. You can also check reviews online to see what former customers have to say.
  • Action Plan and Estimates: You should also check if the company is providing a written estimate so there won’t be any surprises. Also, the company should have a detailed plan of action as to how they’ll be treating the mold problem. This plan should also include how to keep you and your family safe while the home is being treated.
  • Terms of Payment: It isn’t customary for a company to require all money upfront. A reputable firm will require a down payment before work begins, but won’t ask for the rest until after the cleanup is completed. Again, make sure the payment arrangement is in writing and signed by both parties.
  • Necessary Insurance: Not being appropriately insured is a huge red flag. A reputable restoration firm will have the necessary insurance, which may include commercial general liability, contractual liability, and pollution liability insurance.
  • Inspect Results: Make sure someone will perform an inspection of the work. This should be someone with no association with the mold remediation firm to ensure an unbiased inspection.

If you’ve noticed mold growing in your Prairie Village, KS, home and want to hire a professional firm for mold cleanup, then you can count on us. ServiceMaster DSI has the experience and specialized equipment to ensure that remediation work will be effective. We won’t just remove the mold but we will ensure it doesn’t return. All you have to do is give us a call at (816) 527-9412, and we’ll get started on the cleanup work.

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Why Is It Necessary to Hire Experts for Trauma Cleanup in Leawood, KS?

October 3rd, 2017 · No Comments

trauma cleanup

A traumatic event, such as a murder or a suicide, can leave everyone affected in a state of shock. You may not know what to do next. First, you’ll want to call a trauma cleanup team, like ServiceMaster DSI in Leawood, KS. You can trust that we’ll clean the space thoroughly and with compassion, allowing you to take care of your loved ones.  

Why is it so important to hire experts? How do experts effectively clean the scene of a trauma?

Why Hire Experts for Trauma Cleanup

Bloodborne pathogens are likely to get released during a traumatic event. These pathogens stay infectious for a relatively long time. For example, hepatitis B and C viruses remain infectious for as long as two weeks after an incident.

You need to hire experts for trauma cleanup since they have access to necessary disinfectants, cleaning equipment, as well as personal protective equipment to clean up the area effectively and safely.

Important Steps Professionals Perform to Carry Out Cleanup

Step 1: Sharps Removal

First, technicians check the incident scene for the presence of sharp objects such as needles, knives, broken glass, etc. If these things are found, the experts will carefully discard the items into special containers (puncture resistant).

Step 2: Cleanup of Contaminated Surfaces

Removal of Contamination: If there is pooled blood on the floor (or any other hard surface) the experts will use a microencapsulating agent that effectively converts any type of liquid into a solid.

By using a microencapsulating agent, the removal of contamination becomes a much easier task, which allows professionals to quickly move on to the next step of disinfecting contaminated surfaces.

Disinfect Surfaces: Trauma cleanup experts utilize appropriate disinfectants (like bleach solution) and allow the required dwell time (i.e., a dwell time of 20 minutes) for desired results.

Disposing Unsalvageable Items: Technicians understand how to evaluate whether it will be possible to salvage a certain item (i.e., furniture cushions, mattresses, carpets, curtains, etc.) or not and will dispose items that will be impossible to salvage (for instance, if things are soaked in blood).

Step 3: Proper Disposal

After the cleanup is completed, the final step of disposal is performed with care being taken to ensure that proper biohazard bags are used for disposing of waste materials, personal protective equipment, and other things that were used for cleaning purposes.

As we can see, trauma cleanup is a complex task, and it’s necessary to make note of different aspects to perform cleanup in the correct manner.

 You can rely on ServiceMaster DSI for proper cleanup after a trauma incident. Just give us a call on our customer support helpline at (816) 527-9412.

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Hurricane Harvey: Steps the ServiceMaster Recovery Management Team is Taking to Help Homeowners in Houston, TX, Recover

September 27th, 2017 · No Comments

hurricane recoveryHurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc over Houston, TX, dumping rain in excess of 27 trillion gallons, which has resulted in several deaths and injuries. Moreover, widespread flooding has also resulted in significant property damage. According to estimates, around 100,000 houses have been damaged in Texas. Recovering from a disaster like this will take considerable time and effort. This is why ServiceMaster DSI, which is part of the ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM) team, has started restoration and repair work to help people return to their homes as early as possible.

Restoration Services Provided by the ServiceMaster Recovery Management Team

ServiceMaster DSI’s SRM team has geared up for this challenge by providing all services required to expedite the recovery process. These services include:

  • Performing professional water damage restoration
  • Taking up power management and providing generators, light towers, temporary cooling towers, and air conditioning
  • Providing non-potable and potable water
  • Fueling generators
  • Providing temporary housing and beginning site stabilization
  • Restoring electronic equipment
  • Performing document preservation
  • Providing mold removal services
  • Carrying out emergency repair work
  • Providing disinfection and deodorization services
  • Carrying out disaster project management work

Board Up and Pack Out Services

 In addition to the services listed above, the SRM team will begin boarding up homes damaged by the high winds that accompanied the storm.

Our restoration crews will also pack out your valuables and transport them to a secure, climate-controlled warehouse where they’ll be cleaned, restored, and stored until your home is fully restored.

Use of Specialized Equipment

 As soon as the water recedes, the SRM team will utilize a variety of specialized equipment to carry out repair and restoration work. This equipment ranges from commercial grade dehumidifiers, air movers, and specialty washers to get rid of bacteria (a major concern due to the possibility of sewage overflows during the flooding) from clothing, electronic items, and dishware.

Additionally, we’ll also be using advanced equipment such as moisture mapping and thermal imaging to continuously check work progress while drying procedures are carried out.

We understand the gravity of the situation in Houston, TX, at this moment and are prepared to help those who have suffered losses due to this extreme natural calamity.

Our team is equipped with the most advanced cleaning equipment and products for disinfecting your home and belongings. In addition, our technicians understand the risks they’ll have to face while carrying out restoration work, including the structural stability of your home, and will take preventive measures to ensure your safety.

You can get in touch with us on our emergency disaster restoration helpline at (816) 527-9412, and ServiceMaster DSI‘s SRM team will get started on your home’s restoration.

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The Value of Experience When Determining What to Discard or Restore During Water Damage Restoration in Overland Park, KS

September 18th, 2017 · No Comments


Heavy rains and the associated flooding can do a lot of damage to your home and belongings. Also, the contaminated water will make your home uninhabitable. If your home suffers flood damage, you’ll need to take immediate action and appoint a credible water damage restoration firm, like ServiceMaster DSI, in Overland Park, KS, to start working on your home because further delay will only lead to other problems such as mold growth.


In this blog, we’ll look at how water damage mitigation experts determine what should be discarded and what can be salvaged when restoration work starts.


Deciding What to Discard or Restore

In instances of water damage, experts rely on their experience when deciding whether it would be better to discard in item or to put forth the effort to restore it.


Let us look at some crucial decisions they have to make when they find that there are water soaked carpets in a home.

  • Cost of Restoration: Water damage restoration experts will try to analyze how expensive the carpets are. In cases where the carpet isn’t very expensive, it would be better to discard it since the expense of drying the carpet will be nearly the same as what you will have to spend on purchasing a new one.
  • Type of Water Source: Water damage cleanup professionals will also look into the type of water that flooded your home: Category 1, 2, or 3 water. If the water was way too contaminated then experts will usually discard the carpet instead of attempting a restoration.
  • Duration of Flooding: Experts will also look into how long the carpet has been wet. If it has been wet way too long, it will be better to discard the carpet.
  • Carpet Pad Density and Delamination: Experts will also check to see how dense the carpet’s pad is and whether water damage has delaminated it.

If this is the case, water damage restoration experts would suggest a replacement rather than investing more time and effort into restoring it.

  • Age of Carpet: If the carpet is newer, restoration experts will have a better chance of restoring it.

It’s clear that the experience water damage restoration experts have proves to be quite valuable. They’re able to accurately judge whether it would be possible to restore a particular thing or not, and as a result, will help minimize the losses you have to face.


If you’re looking for an experienced water damage mitigation firm to carry out restoration work at your home then ServiceMaster DSI is here for you. Our experts are well-versed in performing restoration work and also have access to the proper equipment to carry out the work as efficiently as possible. All you will have to do is contact us at (816) 527-9412 and we’ll send a team of certified professionals to start restoration work at your home in Overland Park, KS.

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An Insight into Top Reasons to Hire Experts for Fire Damage Restoration and Odor Removal in Kansas City, MO

September 11th, 2017 · No Comments

Your home burning in front of your eyes is traumatizing and results in considerable loss. After a fire, you will have a lot on your plate, from filing an insurance claim to arranging temporary accommodation in Kansas City, MO, for your family. Then there’s appointing someone for fire damage restoration. You’ll want to hire an experienced firm, such as ServiceMaster DSI, to ensure that everything is restored to its pre-loss condition and there are no odors to remind you of the tragedy.

Today we’ll look at how experts utilize their experience to carry out odor removal using ozone treatment.

 Why ozone?

Fire damage restoration experts generally make use of ozone to get rid of odors since it effectively alters the structure of odor molecules. This results in complete removal of odors from your home.

Additionally, ozone quickly degrades (in just about thirty minutes), leaving no residue for fire damage remediation professionals to worry about.

Top 2 Reasons You Need to Hire Experts

 1: Access to Different Types of Ozone Generators

Benefit of hiring a professional fire damage mitigation firm is that they have access to specialized equipment to effectively complete odor removal.

Our experts make use of different types of ozone generators to get rid of bad odors after your home suffers fire damage. A few types include:

  • Ultraviolet Generators: These are weaker ozone generators that are used in cases of minor fire damage.
  • Corona Discharge Generators: Providing stronger output, these generators are used when it is necessary to carry out odor mitigation work rather quickly.

2: Trained in Proper Techniques

Another advantage of hiring trained professionals, is that they are fully trained in the proper techniques for using ozone treatment in odor removal. These techniques include:

  • Experts ensure that the affected area is completely evacuated to ensure the safety of people and pets during the procedure.
  • In severe odor cases, higher levels of ozone will need to be generated. Fire damage restoration professionals make sure that plants present inside the house are removed and aquariums are properly covered before treatment is carried out, as they can be damaged.

Hire an experienced fire damage restoration firm to carry out restoration, cleanup, and odor removal work makes all the difference. Only by hiring experts you can be sure that the work will be effective and safe.

You can rely on ServiceMaster DSI for performing odor removal as our technicians have experience in carrying such task with required deftness.

Just give us a call on our customer support helpline number – (816) 527-9412 and our team will reach your home in Kansas City, MO, and get to work.

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Challenges Professionals in Parkville, MO Have to Face During Hoarding Cleanup

August 30th, 2017 · No Comments

Hoarding Cleanup ServiceMaster DSI

Hoarding cleanup is quite different from other types of cleaning such as water damage or fire damage cleanup because technicians have to look into different aspects to in order to carry out hoarding cleanup in the right manner. This is why it’s necessary to appoint experienced professionals, like ServiceMaster DSI, in Parkville, MO, for this task because they have the required technical knowledge and can perform this task compassionately.

Let us look at the challenges professionals may face during hoarding cleanup.

Forced Cleaning Can Result in Trauma for the Hoarder

A Plan of Action for Performing Cleanup

Technicians try to find answers to the following questions so that a plan of action can be created to properly manage the task of cleaning up a hoarder’s house. These questions include:

  • Does the house lack proper accessibility because of clutter?
  • Are there items that have very little value?
  • Is there a lot of recyclables or waste present in the house?
  • Do carpets, walls, furniture, bathrooms, and floors look dirty?
  • Is the kitchen clean and safe enough to prepare food?
  • Are odors emitting from different rooms in the house?
  • Does the house have a vermin infestation?
  • Are sleeping areas unhygienic?
  • Are utilities not working properly?
  • Does the condition of the house pose a significant fire risk?
  • Is the house structurally unsound?

Selection of Techniques According to the Situation

Hoarding cleanup professionals have to face a variety of issues while carrying out a clean up. They must utilize their expertise to select the right method according to the unique situation.

Infestation of Insects and Animals

Experts have the knowledge and experience to select the right cleaning method for infestations. For example, if an infestation of insects and animals is found during a hoarder house cleanup technicians will use only non-toxic cleaners. Non-toxic are used because cleaners such as ammonia and bleach can result in the release of toxic gases if they come in contact with insect or vermin feces.

Animal Hoarding

Animal hoarding is a very complex situation that requires professionals to consider a variety of factors before they begin cleaning. Including:

  • Improving Air Quality: Due to presence of animals, there will be poor air quality within the house due to high levels of carbon dioxide, ammonia, methane, particulate matter, and allergens
  • Mold Removal: There will be moisture present within the house because of a large number of animals present. Such high moisture conditions will facilitate mold growth within the house

From the details above it’s quite clear that hoarding cleanup is a complex task that requires the expertise of hoarding professionals.

Technicians at ServiceMaster DSI have the required training, certification, experience, and equipment to carry out this task in properly.

All you have to do is give us a call at (816) 527-9412 and our experts will come out to your home in Parkville, MO, right away to develop a plan to carry out cleanup without causing distress to the hoarder.

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