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Using Moisture Meters in Water Damage Cleanup in Prairie Village, KS

November 1st, 2018 · No Comments

water-damage-cleanupThere are plenty of ways water damage can find its way into your Prairie Village, KS, home. Whether it’s from flash flooding or a faulty appliance, when you find water damage in your home, it’s time to contact the water damage cleanup professionals at ServiceMaster DSI. Today, we’re going to look at moisture meters and how our technicians use them to ensure your home is effectively restored to its pre-loss condition.


Advanced Equipment for Water Damage Cleanup


Water damage cleanup should be performed as quickly as possible to avoid worsening damage and additional issues such as mold growth.


Our technicians use advanced equipment, such as moisture meters, to ensure that every inch of your home, including hidden and tight spaces, are completely dried.


Benefits of Using Moisture Meters


Moisture meters are an essential tool for our water damage cleanup technicians. They help us:


  • Measure Moisture Content: This allows us to detect hidden moisture and determine how the drying is progressing.


  • Check Relative Humidity: When water damage occurs, it can raise the humidity in your home, which contributes to additional issues. Moisture meters allow us to detect elevated humidity and measure how it’s dissipating.


  • Record Details: These meters are also able to record drying details overtime. This way it becomes easier to monitor progress of drying process.


  • Analyze Tight Spaces: There are pin-type meters that help us detect moisture in wall cavities and otherwise inaccessible spaces. Finding moisture in hidden spaces can help us prevent mold growth.


  • Determine Scope of Damage: With moisture meters, we can accurately assess the scope of damage which then helps us determine an action plan and strategically place drying equipment.


  • Save Time: Fast reading meters save time in assessing the situation which means we can start treating the damage sooner.


Ensuring Accurate Readings from Moisture Meters


Our technicians are trained in using moisture meters and are able to properly calibrate the equipment to ensure accurate readings.


Also, the materials in your home can affect moisture meter readings. For example, the moisture meter’s settings will be different depending on if we’re measuring moisture in drywall verses wood. Without adjusting the settings, the readings will be inaccurate.


We only use high quality moisture meters that are durable enough for the rough environments they’ll be used in.


Water damage cleanup should only be performed by trained experts with the experience and tools to get the job done. Mishandled water damage cleanup can lead to permanent damage or issues such as mold growth.


When you partner with ServiceMaster DSI you have the assurance that the work will be completed properly and quickly. We’re available 24/7/365, so just give us a call at (816) 527-9412 for immediate assistance.


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