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ServiceMaster emergency cleanup services

Specialty Emergency Services in Kansas City

Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding is a sensitive and often emotional issue that involves the need to remove materials and belongings, while not irrevocably disrupting the customers and their family members. ServiceMaster DSI offers careful and thorough house cleaning services for those requiring hoarding cleanup in Kansas City, MO. We strive to make the environment safe and comfortable for all. Our specially trained staff is qualified to do the job professionally and appropriately.


ServiceMaster DSI offers the following hoarding services:

  • Complete removal of unwanted items from residence
  • Tagging of items to be saved
  • Moving and storing items, such as major appliances and furniture
  • Full cleaning of residence, including bathrooms and kitchens

Let ServiceMaster DSI handle your hoarding cleanup and restoration needs with professionalism and compassion.


Estate Cleanup

If you’ve been designated responsible for resolving an estate, cleaning up the residence or preparing it for sale, don’t try to tackle it yourself. We can let you focus your attention on your other responsibilities and perhaps spare you some emotional strain by doing a comprehensive estate cleanup in Kansas City, MO. We can also restore and temporarily store items while the estate is resolved.

When personal connections with objects and settings evoke memories, cleaning is something best left to others. ServiceMaster DSI's house cleaning services can efficiently and professionally clean the home, helping to maintain or restore their value and providing you with peace of mind during an extremely difficult time. Contact us today for your estate cleanup needs.


Vandalism Cleanup

When vandals have defaced and damaged your home or business, ServiceMaster DSI can help preserve, repair, and restore your property. Vandalism can hurt your business due to workdays lost or restricted access for customers. Let ServiceMaster DSI take at least one immediate problem off your mind. Our professionals can be on the scene quickly to provide safety and security. We’ll help keep your property from subsequent damage or loss, while restoring it to its normal appearance as soon as possible.

What you can expect from ServiceMaster DSI’s vandalism cleanup services:

  • Securing, cleaning interiors
  • Restoration of damaged equipment or furnishings
  • Protecting and securing evidence for police or insurance investigation
  • Securing and cleaning up broken glass
  • Board up for broken windows or doors


For the best in emergency services, choose ServiceMaster DSI for trauma cleanup, hoarding cleanup, estate cleanup, vandalism cleanup and emergency board up and tarp off services in Kansas City, North Kansas City, and St. Joseph, MO and Overland Park, KS. Call us today at 800-954-9444 or for non-emergency inquiries by email at info@smdsi.com.

Serving Kansas City, MO, North Kansas City, MO, St. Joseph, MO, Overland Park, KS and the surrounding communities.