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ServiceMaster DSI packout and emegency moving kansas city, St. joseph MO, overland park KS

Packout & Moving Services in Kansas City

ServiceMaster DSI provides emergency moving services in Kansas City, North Kansas City, and St. Joseph, MO, as well as Overland Park, KS.

The fire department has left the scene, but now the work is just beginning. Before repairs or restoration can begin, the valuable contents of your home or business must be moved to a safe place where they can be cleaned and stored. When you need packout and emergency moving services in Kansas City, MO, call on ServiceMaster DSI.

Residual water in the building or soot and ash in the air from a fire can place your furnishings and other contents at jeopardy for further damage. If the building itself is not fully secure, theft may be a concern. Additionally, if the heating or environmental controls aren’t operating properly, your sensitive electronic equipment, art, or antiques may be at risk.

These are all reasons why ServiceMaster DSI crews provide professional packout and storage unit services. Our packing and inventory staff members have had hours of specialty training and take the utmost care with your valuable possessions. We create detailed inventories of contents, carefully pack and then move them to our climate-controlled warehouse at a secure location. While your items are in storage, our certified technicians will thoroughly clean, deodorize and restore your possessions so they’ll be ready for use on their return. Until that time, they’ll be kept safe in our large, secure storage vaults.

What you can expect from ServiceMaster DSI:

  • Complete, detailed inventory
  • Expert packing
  • Professional moving services
  • Secure and climate-controlled storage units
  • State-licensed warehouses
  • Insured and bonded services
  • Expert restoration services
  • Customer access to stored contents
  • Chain of custody forms

If the contents of your home or business in Kansas City, North Kansas City, St. Joseph, MO or Overland Park, KS need to be moved or safely stored, your best choice is ServiceMaster DSI's Packout and Storage Services. Call us at 800-954-9444 or email us at info@smdsi.com, and discover true “Peace of Mind.”

Serving Kansas City, MO, North Kansas City, MO, St. Joseph, MO, Overland Park, KS and the surrounding communities.